What Padel Tennis Balls do Pros Use?

Best padel racket hitting padel ball

Padel tennis is a popular racquet sport that has been gaining attention around the world. The choice of the right padel tennis ball can have a significant impact on the performance of a player. Professional players are known to be very selective about the type of padel tennis ball they use during their matches. In this article, we will explore the importance of selecting the right padel tennis ball for professional players and take a closer look at the factors that affect their decision-making process.

Padel balls for professional players

Professional players usually use a combination of different types of padel tennis balls depending on the court surface and tournament requirements. For example, Dunlop Pro Padel is often used for outdoor tournaments due to its durability and consistent performance in all weather conditions. Head Padel Pro is also popular among professional players as it offers excellent control and spin for intense matches.

Babolat Gold Padel is used mainly for indoor tournaments as it has a softer feel and provides excellent control for short rallies. Lastly, Wilson Tour Padel is used by professional players in FIP tournaments due to its excellent aerodynamic properties and durability.

Overall, the type of padel tennis ball that a professional player chooses will depend on their personal playing style, tournament requirements, and court surface. However, all professional players should strive to use the highest quality padel tennis balls available to ensure the best performance during each match.

Here are some of the top professional padel players and the balls that are commonly used in professional tournaments:

Professional Padel Player Ball Brand/Model
Fernando Belasteguín Dunlop Pro Padel
Paquito Navarro Head Padel Pro
Alejandra Salazar Dunlop Pro Padel
Marta Marrero Dunlop Pro Padel
Juan Lebrón Head Padel Pro
Pablo Lima Dunlop Pro Padel
Gemma Triay Head Padel Pro
Sanyo Gutiérrez Wilson Tour Pro
Franco Stupaczuk Wilson Tour Pro
Martín Di Nenno Dunlop Pro Padel

Types of Padel Tennis Balls

Padel tennis balls come in different types and variations, each designed for specific playing conditions and preferences. It’s important to understand the characteristics of each type of padel tennis ball to make an informed choice. For example, some padel tennis balls are designed for use on outdoor courts, while others are meant for indoor courts. Some are specifically made for high-altitude areas, while others are designed to perform well in humid conditions.

Professional players often have their preferred padel tennis ball based on their personal playing style and court conditions. Some of the most popular Padel tennis balls used by professionals include Dunlop Pro Padel, Head Padel Pro, Babolat Gold Padel, and Wilson Tour Padel. These balls have been specifically designed to meet the high standards of professional players and are known for their durability, consistency, and excellent performance.

Tournament-Specific Padel Tennis Balls

Different padel tennis tournaments have different requirements for the type of balls used during the matches. For example, some tournaments may require a specific type of ball that is suitable for a particular court surface, while others may require balls that are more durable and can withstand longer matches. Professional players must adapt to the padel tennis ball requirements of each tournament to ensure that they are performing at their best.

Some of the most popular tournaments for Padel tennis players include the World Padel Tour (WPT) and the International Padel Federation (FIP) tournaments. The WPT mainly uses Dunlop Pro Padel and Head Padel Pro, while the FIP tournaments typically use Wilson Tour Padel and Babolat Gold Padel. These padel tennis balls have been specifically designed to meet the high standards of each tournament, and professional players must be familiar with them to ensure their success in the matches.