Padel Court Dimensions Explained

padel court top view

Essential Guide to Padel Court Dimensions

As a fellow Padel enthusiast, you’ve probably encountered the question: How do Padel courts compare in size to platform tennis courts? They might seem similar, but there are key differences. In this video, we dive into the crucial details about Padel court dimensions and their components.

Court Size Details

  • Length: 65ft 7in (20m)
  • Width: 32ft 8in (10m)

Interestingly, Padel offers a larger playable area than tennis singles. Other sports like paddle tennis and pickleball typically use courts about half the size of a tennis court. Also, the Padel court’s minimum height should be 19ft 7in (6m), free from obstructions, with newer courts recommended to be at least 26ft 2in (8m) high.


Service Lines and Net

  • The rectangular Padel court is bisected by a net, with service lines on each side at 22ft 8in (6.95m) from the net. A centre service line further divides this area.
  • The net’s height is slightly lower in the middle at 34ft 6in (0.88m) and 36in (0.92m) at the sides, extending 32ft 8in (10m) with lateral posts capped at 41in (1.05m).

Court Enclosures

  • Padel courts are fully enclosed, measuring internally 65ft 7in (20m) in length and 32ft 8in (10m) in width.
  • Back enclosures combine ¾ solid walls or glass and ¼ fencing, ensuring uniform ball bounce.
  • End walls reach a total of 13ft 1in (4m) high, with the first 9ft 8in (3m) made of solid material and the top 3ft 1in (1m) consisting of a metallic fence.

Out-of-Court Play Areas

  • Two access points on each side are required for out-of-court play, each being at least 6ft 5in (2m) wide and 13ft 1in (4m) long, with a minimum height of 9ft 8in (3m).

This comprehensive overview covers a Padel court’s critical dimensions and features, ensuring you’re well-informed about the sport’s playing environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a padel court size?

A standard padel court measures 20 meters in length and 10 meters in width.

What is the surface of a padel court?

The surface is typically made of artificial grass, with sand spread over it to reduce slipperiness and enhance ball bounce.

What are the dimensions of a panoramic padel court?

The dimensions are the same as a standard court (20m x 10m), but ‘panoramic’ refers to its open design with glass walls for unobstructed views, not to its size.

What are the dimensions of a padel paddle?

A padel paddle is usually 45-50 centimeters long, with a maximum width of 26 centimeters and thickness of 38 millimeters.

Are there different-sized padel courts?

Officially, padel courts have standard dimensions. However, recreational or non-standard courts might vary slightly in size.

How to build a padel court?

Building a padel court involves selecting a location, preparing the ground, installing a suitable surface (like artificial turf), erecting walls (glass or solid), setting up the net, and ensuring proper lighting and drainage. It’s advisable to consult with a professional for design and construction.